Who is CM Peters?

I’d like to be ageless but I still haven’t found the fountain of youth. In my early forties, I found my first grey hairs recently. *Insert Psycho scream*

I work in the communications field, but I’d love to write full-time in the near future. It’s a work in progress dream since I took a long break from writing after college.

I’ve written in many styles so far; short erotica, elaborate sci-fi shorts, and fantasy novels. I must admit I began again through fanfiction and believe it’s an amazing way to perfect your style and progress with your writing.

Whatever genre I’m writing in, I do my best to always centers my stories around complex, relatable characters.

If I’m not furiously typing, you’ll surely find me chasing one of my cats off the counter while I’m cooking!

Provide me with hot chocolate and a blanket and I’m good to go for a while. Add a movie, I’ll appreciate you. Add a book, chocolate, and cheese, I’ll love you forever!

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