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The Red Tie Company

New Experiences can get you more than you bargained for...
Josslyn Quick was a bystander in her own life. She never expected her waitressing gig to fulfill all her dreams, but the five strangers sitting at her table plan to do that.
Meet The Red Tie Company, a secretive group whose only purpose is to offer adventure to one deserving woman. Josslyn doesn't know why she was chosen, but she's too intrigued to refuse.
What could happen when she decides to let these men help her?
And what will it cost her?

New Beginnings

Fed up with the violence of the big city, Remy Lindon returns to her home to slow down the pace.
There, she reacquaints herself with old friends and meets Leo Jacobs, a single father who changes everything for her.
But a tragedy pulls them apart.
Can they find each other again and mend their broken hearts?

Love in the Cards: The Storyville Chronicles

Ella Broussard was a slave girl before she found herself on the streets of New Orleans. There, her rare beauty caught the attention of Madam Lulu White. Soon Ella's pretty face and gift of sight made her the main attraction at the infamous Mahogany Hall.

Laurent Fontenot had a much more genteel upbringing. But he's always struggled to live up to expectations of his cold, unyielding father. He never thought a night in Storyville would put them permanently at odds.

A fateful meeting brings them together, but the path to true love won't be easy. The lovers need to do everything in their power to stay together, and not even Ella's gift will help them predict what the cards have in store.

Bound Fate: The Fate Series: Book One

Outlander and Practical Magic meet the All Souls Trilogy in a tale of a small-town girl with a destiny set in a magical Scottish past. Maery Scott has humble dreams of taking over her mothers’ bed and breakfast when they retire, but the arrival of a strange man derails her plans. Suddenly her life is full of magic, and why shouldn’t it be? Maery’s a witch. What do you do when you discover you’re a witch with no powers? Who do you trust when your family has lied to you your entire life? When everyone claims you’ve been chosen to break a powerful evil, can you believe in yourself enough to conquer the past? That’s what Maery must discover in Bound Fate.

Sealed Fate: The Fate Series: Book Two

Maery has seen the true face for evil and must now rally her people to vanquish it once and for all. But who are her true allies in this battle to the death?

Pawns: Every Family Has Its Secrets

When Lena Bennett loses her father, she has to take over the family business. But with the business comes secrets. Deadly secrets.
What can she do when she's backed into a corner with no one to turn to?

Book It: A Literary Lover's Anthology

From bookstore owners to college students, drag queens to muses, professors and erotica authors; whether in a brothel of the old west or a spaceship in uncharted territory, the stories of Book It cross genres to warm hearts.
In these pages, you'll find sweet stories of first-time love to established couples growing closer through their love of the written word. Each author delivers a unique and diverse tale of romance and literature.

Summer Fair

Summer festivals bring the aroma of popcorn, the excitement of rides, and the promise of real-life enchantment. Seven authors bring you original love stories, each set at a different summer celebration. You’ll experience the thrill of the Chicago World’s fair through the eyes of a plucky girl reporter and the quiet desperation of a teen working a summer job at a traveling carnival. Get whisked away on romantic journeys around the world from a sweet Texas Dewberry Festival to a lantern-filled temple celebration to a surprisingly rowdy New England Founders Day. Whether it’s the magic of a Renaissance Fair, the excitement of a Theater Retreat, or the pulse of a Music Festival, you’re sure to get geared up for all things summer with this delightful new collection.

Working It

Everybody's working it, grinding away at the 9 to 5, when what we really want to do is take a hot tumble on the boss' desk. Let this sexy collection whisk you away from the daily grind of the workaday world and into sixteen stories that explore sex where you least expect it.
Wink at that sexy security guard, get revved up for a conference tryst and let love break down the language barrier with a new co-worker. Will you succumb to the casual charm of your new client? Tip over the edge for your warehouse trainee. Get your long-awaited revenge on that supervisor who made your life hell. White collar or blue collar - it just doesn't matter once the shirts come off.
Leave the doublespeak and corporate frat boys behind, and find your bliss in Working It.

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