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Lacey’s Shadow.

by Mia Jones

Flower Shop Series

Lacey started her life in a whole new town and different people hoping she could get life back on track from the turmoil and fear her last boyfriend gave her. She wanted to be normal and not jump at every shadow in her path.

Cade liked his life the way it was. He had a great career, wonderful friends, and a house he'd been working on in his spare time. Women hadn't been important to him until he saw Lacey for the first time. He used to hate it when people talked about love at first sight but now he was eating his words.

When he finds out about her past, he makes a promise to himself to be patient. It wasn't one of his strongest personality trait, but he'd do whatever it takes to keep her in his life

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Stop and Smell the Roses by Tiffany Carby and Marie Ahls

Aiden Huntington, III, knows exactly what he wants and rarely has to hunt for anything. While he’s set to inherit his grandfather’s company when he retires, Aiden still works hard and is as good of a guy as they come, he’s just missing one thing…

Allie Rhoads is completely out of her comfort zone. She has taken a job way out of her league at a local flower shop in an effort to fulfill her free-spirited soul. She quickly finds a lunch routine that involves settling on a local park bench for a midday break just down the street from her new job.

The two begin crossing paths regularly and eventually introduce themselves. Allie confesses her lack of knowledge when it comes to flowers and Aiden reveals that while he may not be a botanist, he knows a thing or two about pretty flowers.

Aiden asks Allie to join him for a long weekend work trip that would involve formal dinners, dancing, and conversing with his company partners…no flower knowledge necessary. Will Aiden be able to seduce her into his corporate life? Will Allie take a minute to stop and smell the roses? Or will their relationship wilt like an old bouquet….

Tips for writers

Stop editing as you go along

I know, it's so tempting. I'm guilty of this habit...or used to be. I realized that I can make my novels so much better when I don't stop after every paragraph to re-read myself. I write a first draft, then to go over and add descriptions, reactions, feelings, and so on. Would you build a house and have a housewarming party before walls were put up? No. It's the same with your story. Scared you'll forget something? It's time to take notes on the side for later.

Re-reading or not?

I want to argue with people that say don't re-read yourself when you settle down to write because I do that. I don't do it to edit. I do it to re-set the mood, get back into my characters even. Be careful not to start editing, though.

Switch off the distractions

Yes, that means the TV or music that tends to make you sing or search for more. If you're writing, let people know this is your time. Turn off your emails, even the wi-fi if needed, and also, all your social media, especially if you've schedule your writing time.

Too many tabs is like overeating

Sure, research is great. But don't lose yourself in it. Writing time is not research time. Respect your own schedule. If you're unsure of something, leave an odd series of characters like PINEAPPLE to search for and replace later. Keep a notepad close by to note down what you need to research to avoid wasting time.


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